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Workshop and Expose SATREPS 2015: Gain Opportunities about The Success Story from The SATREPS Winners.

By the ayups

August 08, 2015

The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (MoRTHE) (previously the Ministry of Research and Technology) has been 7 years as the coordinator for research proposal selection “Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS)” since 2008. Until then, there are 13 proposals of research collaboration between Indonesia and Japan that obtain funding from the Government of Japan.  It shows that Indonesia has many qualified researchers, bioresources and other research areas such as natural disaster, infectious diseases as potential topic of research and big challenge compared to other countries. Then, it becomes the main idea to hold the Workshop and Expose SATREPS 2015 (WES 2015).

WES 2015 is held on August 24, 2015 at the Millenium Hotel that attracted 120 participants came from universities (rector, vice rector, dean, representative of research institute and lector), Regional Research Agency from different regional including from the region of central and eastern Indonesia such as from Sulawesi and Papua, the Ministry/Non-Ministerial Government Agency and representative from some related associations. While the 6 SATREPS Projects that have already finished were exposed next to the workshop.

Ir. Nada Marsudi, M.Phil., as the Bureau Head of Cooperation and Public Communication, MoRTHE said “MoRTHE and Japan Government realize that most of the winner of the SATREPS Researchs are only some institution from the Java Island, means that increased capability of researchers are not evenly distributed throughout the country”. She hoped that WES 2015 could become a means of socialization of SATREPS, so that the information can be absorbed by all researchers in Indonesia. The purpose of the WES 2015 are to introduce SATREPS Project collaboration to the society especially the researchers from various institutions/Regional Research Agency, and research institutes in universities and in industries;  to show the result of projects; and then hopefully the industry could produce technology and innovation as the commercialization of the result of SATREPS.  Furthermore, it is expected that in 2015, after the WES 2015, MoRTHE will receipt many research proposals for SATREPS program that will be opened  annually in October. 

Prof. Masahiko Abe, the Vice President of Tokyo University of Science as the keynote speaker explained about the Experience of Japan in Innovation dan Comercialization of Research Products, followed by Dr. Keisuke Kosaka, Senior Researcher Japan Science and Technology Agency and Ir. Nada Marsudi, M.Phil, gave the lectures about program and procedure of SATREPS, and Mr. Sri Wahyono delivered the Foreign Research Permit Procedures.

The last session became the most interesting session for the participants since the speakers talking about success story from the SATREPS winner. In this session the speakers were Dr. Yopi Sunarya from Biotechnology Research Center, LIPI, Dr. Joni Prasetyo from Directorate of the Center for Technology Development of Energy Resources, BPPT, and dr. Srihadi Agungpriyono, DVM, Ph.D, the Dean of Faculty of Veterinary,  Bogor Agriculture University (IPB). The speakers gave tips and trick how to make good research proposal and get Japanese cooperation partners. Dr. Srihadi Agungpriyono said that first time he make research proposal for SATREPS program was failed but he never gave up. He learnt again how to make good research proposal and finally in 2014 he became the winner.

Dr. Yopi Sunarya said, “We think that it is very important to develop good communication with MoRTHE because they act as the coordinator for research proposal selection and they give many advise to make good research proposals”. Tiomega Gultom gave the closing statement and informed every year in SATREPS research proposal selection, will be opened in September – October and will be announced at MoRTHE website. She hoped after the WES 2015, many researchers will submit many research proposals  for SATREPS programmes. (bkkp)